Co to jsou turnajové body?

Počet bodů Odměna
20The Locust God
20Jace, Cunning Castaway
30Fatal Push
30Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
50Gideon of the Trials
60Torrential Gearhulk
10Ixalan Booster
10Hour of Devastation Booster
10Amonkhet Booster
10Aether Revolt Booster
10Kaladesh Booster
30Eternal Masters Booster
40Modern Masters 2017 Booster
40Iconic Masters booster
320Booster box standardové sady
700Eternal Masters Booster Box
850Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box
600Iconic Masters Booster Box
10Obaly KMC Perfect Size 100ks
20Obaly Dragon Shield různé barvy 100ks
20Obaly Dragon Shield Matte různé barvy 100ks
20UltraPro Album A4: modré a černé
30UltraPro Play Mat: černá
Počet bodů Odměna
10Foil Warren Instigator DDMvG
10Rune-Scarred Demon IMA
10Restoration Angel IMA
10Lightning Helix IMA
20Knight of the Reliquary IMA
20Mishra´s Bauble IMA
20Oblivion Stone IMA
30Hallowed Fountain RTR
40Magus of the Moon IMA
40Steam Vents RTR
50Windswept Heath KTK
60Grove of the Burnwillows IMA
60Thoughtseize IMA
70Wooded Foothills KTK
70Ancestral Vision IMA
70Cryptic Command IMA
80Aether Vial IMA
110Misty Rainforest MM3
120Flusterstorm IMA
130Aether Vial IMA
130Through the Breach CHK
130Ugin, the Spirit Dragon FRF
130Survival of the Fittest EXO
140Verdant Catacombs MM3
150Karakas EMN
190Jace, the Mind Sculptor EMA
230Mana Drain IMA
250Force of Will ALL
600LP Tundra 3ED
1100Volcanic Island 3ED